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This is my second blog. Here I'll post things like how I feel, what I wish...
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6285) I know “thinspo” girls aren’t healthy but I can’t fight the urge to look like them. I can’t help but feel jealous of their bodies, of what their ED did to them.
6182) I bought these pants and almost started crying when they were too small and then my mom had to say “Maybe you gained some weight.” Yes thanks mom I know I gained weight. I’m a fucking fat ass.


Thigh gaps & thinspo

They thought depression was like bieng ‘depressed’. They thought it was like being in a bad mood, only worse. Therefore, they tried to get him to snap out of it.

— ― Jeffrey Eugenides (via psych-quotes)


Always the same shit 

i always fuck up

always ruin it 

i just want to die 

8627) I find that some things eating disorder sufferers say seem superficial, vain, selfish, or pathetic to me. And yet, I find myself saying the exact same things.